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Rick Frissell

The nickname “Red Baron of Real Estate” was provided by a client when he said, “You are the ‘Red Baron Real Estate Ace.” He claimed he based it on the strategy and determination that was placed on finding his home. Since then, many clients have agreed with his assessment and the nickname has stuck.

Listing a client’s home is more than placing it on MLS. Placing a listing on MLS is easy and all agents do. The “marketing” of the home is where the Red Baron of Real Estate gains higher service altitudes. That is the reason the selling system PREM was developed. The acronym “PREM” is for “Purposeful Real Estate Marketing.” The plan is a total strategic marketing system for home sellers that allows their listing to reach new heights.

Our buyers have the buyer’s version of PREM. That system starts with inviting the buyer into the Red Baron cockpit as the Co-Pilot, so to speak. The buyers are given specific tools to assist the search, saving time and targeting specific homes meeting their criteria. You have to excuse the pun, but we allow the client to hold the “joy stick” during their flight.

The question often arises how Red Baron can pour so much time in the individualized client marketing plans. We can tell you, it is not in volume. Our mission statement is: “Our mission is to assist our clients to arrive to their real estate destination safely, smoothly and comfortably.”  We do Safe Real Estate Landings.

For more about our real estate flight schedules and programs, please call direct at 813 340 6828. We wish all a safe landing to their real estate destination.